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Count on Carousell to give you cheap listings for apartment & condos for sale in Binan City to invest in. You can get a studio unit for prices that start @ PHP 2.3M.

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Apartment and Condos for Sale in Binan City

Binan City is located in the province of Laguna and within the CALABARZON region. This component city is home to about 407,437 residents according to the 2020 Census. This number shows that the city is home to 12.05% of the province of Laguna’s entire population. This city is known for having a fairly quaint suburban residential community. However, there are also quite a notable number of large industrial estates as well as other companies that make this city their home. Aside from that, it’s also home to a few tourist attractions that drive visitors to it every year.

As mentioned above, the city itself is both highly industrialized and also filled with a fair number of residential, suburban communities. Therefore, there are several real estate opportunities that you can make the most out of in this city. If you are interested in buying an apartment and condos for sale in Binan City, you can find a number of options available for purchase at any time. You can start things off by purchasing a studio unit in this city, which is perfect for individual use. A unit like this would cost somewhere in the price range of PHP 1,400,000 to PHP 12,000,000 with an average floor area size of about 23.44 square meters (sqm.). If a studio unit is not your preference, you can instead opt for a usually more spacious 1BR unit in the neighborhood which fetches a price ranging from PHP 2,252,000 to PHP 5,744,000 for an average floor area size of 29.17 sqm. These units are great either as a place of residence as an individual or for a real estate rental property. If you’re looking for business investment, you can always look for pre-selling condos in this neighborhood. You can purchase a pre-selling unit in this area for a price range between PHP 2,000,000 to PHP 3,500,000 and an average floor area size of 22.5 sqm. If you’re looking to purchase a property that you plan on living in and are eager to move in already, then you can look for pre-owned condos instead because these are usually ready for occupancy as well. You can find such a unit in this neighborhood for a price ranging from PHP 1,400,000 to PHP 16,750,200. When a unit is ready for occupancy, that means that you can move into it once you finish negotiations. In some cases, you can even start using the amenities of the development right away, such as the pool, the gym, the outdoor lounge area, and so on. If you’re looking for a property that is more spacious, there are also 2BR units available for a price range of PHP 3,200,000 to PHP 4,500,000. The average floor area size of a unit with two bedrooms would be around 49.33 sqm. Units like these are also strategically located and give you access to amenities such as 24/7 security, pools, a gym, as well as outdoor space.

Now that you have seen the choices that are available to you, your next step would be to iron out the payment details of the negotiations. Once you find a property listing that you want to buy, you can use Carousell’s chat feature to directly ask the property manager or owner about their preferred payment method. Common payment methods for a unit here would be direct cash payment and bank financing.

Frequently asked questions

The average selling price of a property in this city is around PHP 4,737,576.

A pre-selling condo is a unit that’s still under construction but developers are already selling the unit. Buyers of a pre-selling unit can get the condo for a lower asking price while the developer won’t have to spend resources to get a buyer after spending money on construction.

A pre-owned condo implies that the unit has had tenants living in it before or the unit has been owned by someone else before. The benefit of a pre-owned condo is that sometimes, you can buy it for a lower asking price. Since it’s pre-owned, there are also some cases where the condo is ready for occupancy already.

Binan City is a balance between a fairly peaceful suburban residential community and a highly-industrialized area for large companies. Given this unique disposition, the city shows plenty of potential as a real estate investment because it has so much more space to grow, but is still currently a very viable place to live in or rent out a property in.

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