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Apartment and Condos for Sale in Davao City

Davao City is located in the island group of Mindanao as a part of the Davao Region and within the Davao del Sur province. This city is currently home to 1,776,949 residents according to the 2020 Census which means that this city alone is responsible for 33.89% of the entire region’s population. This city serves as a hub for the entire island group of Mindanao in terms of trade and commerce. Davao is known for being the home of the famous Mt. Apo and even holds the nickname of the “Durian Capital of the Philippines.”

Now, aside from being a commercially and industrially vital part of Mindanao. This city is also a hub of real estate activity. There are many developers that are offering residential or real estate properties for people who are interested in moving into the city. That’s why if you want to buy an apartment and condos for sale in Davao City, you have numerous options that you can choose from. To start things off, you should consider looking through the many studio units that are in abundance throughout the city. There are a number of these unit types available for purchase and their price ranges from PHP 650,000 to PHP 39,000,000 with the floor area size of these units ranging from 21 to 196 square meters (sqm.). A studio unit is more affordable than a 1BR, but you can also opt to get a 1BR instead as there are also a number of options available for purchase in this city for a property of this type. The price for such a unit ranges from PHP 750,000 to PHP 18,000,000 with the average floor area size of properties of this type averaging to be around 41.8 sqm. It’s more spacious than a studio unit but still almost as affordable. With that said, there are also larger-sized units for those who plan on moving into one with other people. For example, you can find numerous 2BR units for purchase in the city. The price for such a unit ranges from PHP 1,800,000 to PHP 17,700,000 with an average floor area size of about 51.63 sqm. If that size of a unit isn’t enough, then you should peruse the 3BR units available for sale in the city which are also plentiful. The price for these units is higher, ranging from PHP 5,257,900 to PHP 42,702,746 with the floor area size ranging from 69 to 221 sqm. What’s great about purchasing apartments or condo units in this city is that many of them come with all sorts of amenities. For example, some are RFO or ready for occupancy, and you get access to a pool, a jogging path, an outdoor area, as well as some sports or gym facilities. It’s convenient and luxurious that’s packaged all in one place.

There are so many units available for purchase in this city, especially given the fact that it’s a hub of activity for the Mindanao area. Thus, when you do find the property listing that you want to buy, make sure that you and the seller are on the same page when it comes to the payment options. Commonly accepted payment methods would be bank loans, cash payments, and in-house financing to name a few. Use Carousell’s chat feature to directly ask the property owners what their preferred payment method is.

Frequently asked questions

Davao City is an ever-evolving and growing city that provides plenty of opportunities to both long-term residents and those investing in real estate in this city. Due to the importance of this city to the country and the entire area of Mindanao, there’s no doubt that buying a unit here is worthwhile because the market value of such units will grow over time as the city continues to grow along with it.

The average selling price of a unit in this city is around PHP 116,000 per square meter.

A studio unit means that the bedroom, living area, and kitchen/dining room do not have a wall separating them from one another. A 1BR, on the other hand, separates the bedroom from the rest of the unit, providing more privacy. Although the latter is more spacious, it is less affordable than a studio unit.

An RFO unit is short for ready for occupancy. This means that you can move into the unit as soon as negotiations are finished, so if you’re eager to move in, look for units that say that they are RFO.

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