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House and Lot for Sale in General Trias City

General Trias City is a highly industrialized city given the many companies that build their manufacturing companies, factories, warehouses, and more here. In the CALABARZON region, this city is at the forefront of the region’s growth and development. Aside from that, this city also has a fairly critical role in the history of the country, so there are many historical attractions to find in this city as well. According to the 2020 Census, this city currently has 450,583 residents which account for 10.37% of the total population of the Cavite province.

Given the rich background of this city both in modern times and historically, you also wouldn’t be surprised to find that this city has a healthy demand and supply for real estate investments. Whether you’re looking for a new place to call home or are looking for a new neighborhood to invest in, this city is sure to have something of interest to you. With that said, you can start buying a house and lot for sale in General Trias City for a lower price by looking at their pre-selling houses that are up for sale. These types of houses are available for prices ranging from PHP 1,800,000 to PHP 13,000,000 with the average floor area size being around 79.3 square meters (sqm.). If you’re shopping around for a good-sized home for someone who’s buying their first home by themselves, then you can’t go wrong with a 2BR home. A 2BR home here costs somewhere from PHP 743,000 to PHP 6,620,000 with an average floor area size of 57.02 sqm. For the people who are planning on buying a house in this city to move into and live in for a family that you’re growing, then a 3BR home might be a more appropriate size of home to move into. A 3BR home in this area costs somewhere from PHP 520,000 to PHP 29,591,423 with an average floor area size of 115.27 sqm. These homes are in private villages that offer 24/7 security and they also have a parking space for your vehicles. There are also more spacious homes available for purchase in this city that might interest you. For example, there are 4BR homes here that cost from PHP 1,400,000 to PHP 24,072,655 with an average floor area of 143.8 sqm. If you want alternatives to these pricier homes, then you should pursue the pre-owned houses in this city instead of buying new ones. They cost a range of PHP 550,000 to PHP 21,000,000 and are great homes without spending as much money. If you’re buying for business ventures, then bank foreclosed properties are the way to go. They range from PHP 653,000 to PHP 6,962,100 and their average floor area size is around 158.65 sqm.

Once you find out the different properties that you can buy in this area, it's time to find the right property for you. When you do find a property in this area that you want to purchase, your next worry would be the payment methods. The most common financing arrangement that is used in this area would be Pag-IBIG financing, bank loans, and cash payments. You can use Carousell's chat feature to ask the property owner/seller what their preferred payment methods are directly from them.

Frequently asked questions

This city is a historically relevant city in the past of the country and that alone makes it stand out from other cities in the region. Currently, as mentioned before, this city is an industrialized area that has plenty of both commercial and residential opportunities which means the city still has room to grow. If you invest in properties here now, they can grow in market value over time. As a long-term residence, you can access schools, grocery stores, restaurants, and many other establishments that can make living here convenient.

The average price of a property in this city is around PHP 4,028,110 with an average floor area size of 92.47 sqm.

A pre-selling house is a property that hasn’t finished construction but the property developers have opened it up for sale. This property is usually cheaper when it’s pre-selling, but once it finishes construction, the price will go back up.

Both of these homes are technically pre-owned. However, a pre-owned house is specifically one that has been lived in while a foreclosure means that the previous owner failed to pay off a loan or mortgage which led to the foreclosure. Either way, both properties offer considerably lower asking prices for interested buyers in comparison to the price of new properties.

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