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Exceed your own expectations w/ these house & lot for sale in Cabuyao City as listed on Carousell. You'll find small houses here sell for as low as PHP 1M today.

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House and Lot for Sale in Cabuyao City

Cabuyao is a city that you can find in the Laguna province which is a part of the CALABARZON region. According to the 2020 Census, this city is currently the home of 355,330 people which means that this city is home to 10.51% of the entire province's total population. This city is named after a local tree called Kabuyaw, but before, it used to be named Tabuko. This city is currently home to many migrant workers due to the many factories of large companies planting themselves in this city.

Despite being a fairly industrialized city because of the presence of said factories, the city also offers a lot of chances to buy property here. Although a good portion of the land area here is dedicated to farmland, there are also ample opportunities for buying real estate here for those who are interested. With that said, you can start things off by purchasing a pre-selling home in this area. When buying a house and lot for sale in Cabuyao City, buying a pre-selling home can help net you a few savings here and there. You can find such property here for the selling price of PHP 3,100,000 to PHP 17,628,955 with an average floor area size of 92.5 square meters (sqm.). This property can even come with a parking space and a dedicated gardening area. Whether you want to buy a property to convert it into a rental property or you want to buy your first home as an individual, you can start your real estate journey off by purchasing a 1BR home. There are 1BR homes in this city that cost PHP 1,600,000 with a floor area size of 26 sqm. There’s also one that costs PHP 2,000,000 with a 42 sqm. floor area size. Both of these are a great starting point. If you are interested in getting a more spacious home, then getting a 2BR home is the minor upgrade that you should look for in a property. A 2BR home in this city costs somewhere around PHP 1,200,000 to PHP 4,410,000 with a floor area size of around 63.6 sqm. For people who want to grow a family or already have a family, then a 3BR home might be a better starting home than a 2BR one because it can be more spacious in general. With that said, one such property will cost you from PHP 3,100,00 to PHP 12,048,479 with an average floor area size of about 98.25 sqm. If you want a property with a lower selling price, you should also consider getting a pre-owned house that costs from PHP 1,500,000 to PHP 8,000,000 in this city. A bank foreclosed property also has the same benefit of a lower selling price and it will cost you somewhere from PHP 1,200,000 to PHP 5,700,000 in this city.

Once you find out the different properties that you can buy in this area, it's time to find the right property for you. When you do find a property in this area that you want to purchase, your next worry would be the payment methods. The most common financing arrangement that is used in this area would be (Insert Financing Methods Here). You can use Carousell's chat feature to ask the property owner/seller what their preferred payment methods are directly from them.

Frequently asked questions

Cabuyao is a continuously growing community with a variety of opportunities present. As a real estate investment for profit, you can easily turn a profit by buying properties to rent out to many of the potential tenants in the area. Since the area is also still growing, you can also simply hold the property and sell it off for a higher price once its market value rises. As a long-term residence, this area offers a vibrant suburban community that you will be comfortable and safe living in.

A pre-owned house means that the property for sale used to have an owner and the home itself has likely been lived in before. Since the property isn’t new, the selling price usually would be lower so you can get it for a lower asking price in comparison to other properties of the same features.

The average selling price for a property in this city is around PHP 4,904,249.

A property that hasn’t finished construction but is already available for purchase is called a pre-selling home. Developers usually offer pre-selling homes for a lower selling price but once construction finishes, the property’s cost goes back up to its original market value.

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