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House and Lot for Sale in Lapu-Lapu City

In the province of Cebu is the city of Lapu-Lapu, which is a part of the region of Central Visayas (Region VII). This city formerly named Opon has around 497,604 that are residents of this city according to the 2020 Census. With that said, that means that this city is responsible for being the home of 6.16% of the region’s entire population. This city is named after a Philippine hero and is now a popular tourist destination given the fact that it has many coastlines that are lined with resorts, beaches, and more.

Aside from being a popular tourist destination, especially for those who love hanging out at the beach, this city is also a prime location for investing in real estate in one form or another. Whether you’re buying a house to turn into a profitable venture or are a person looking to move into a permanent residence, there are plenty of real estate options to choose from in this city. With that said, when buying a house and lot for sale in Lapu-Lapu City, you can’t go wrong with starting your search by looking at some of the pre-selling homes in this neighborhood. The price of a property of this type from this area would range from PHP 3,920,000 to PHP 5,199,809 and an average floor area size of about 80.13 square meters overall. A pre-selling house is a great way to get a new property without having to pay a higher fee for it. Another way you can earn some savings when buying a house is by checking out some of the pre-owned houses on offer from this city. The price of such a property type would range from PHP 900,000 to PHP 8,500,000 and has an average floor area size of about 137 sqm. If you’re buying a house from this area because you’re looking to turn a profit on the property, then you can increase your chances of success by buying a bank foreclosed house that costs somewhere from PHP 2,060,000 to PHP 19,050,000 with an average floor area size of around 313 sqm. It’s an underrated real estate purchase but offers a number of business opportunities for someone in the real estate field. Now, when looking at the different types of properties, you can find a starter home for you depending on your preference. For an individual looking for their first home, a 2BR house should suffice. It would cost somewhere within the range of PHP 500,000 to PHP 64,190,000. However, if you’re planning to start or grow a family, you should at least consider getting a 3BR house so that you and your family can live as comfortably as possible. The price for this house ranges from PHP 2,100,000 to PHP 39,000,000. Some people also consider getting an RFO house for an easier move into the house. You can find properties of this type costing somewhere from PHP 2,400,000 to PHP 6,800,000.

The variety of options when it comes to real estate opportunities is one reason why investing in this city is worthwhile. If you’re lucky enough to find a listing that you want to pursue, your next step would be to figure out that payment method. There are several payment options available such as bank financing and Pag-IBIG financing. You can use the chat feature on Carousell to directly ask the property managers what their preferred financing options are.

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The average selling price would go to about PHP 49,000 per square meter with prices for a house from this city ranging from PHP 500,000 to PHP 64,190,000.

A pre-owned house’s benefit is its affordability with few compromises on the quality of the house. This type of property simply means that the house you purchase is not new and has likely been lived in. Another benefit is that there’s a huge likelihood that the house can also come with furnishings so you can reduce the number of furniture you have to move into the house.

This city is both very commercialized and a tourist attraction while also being serene and peaceful to live in, which is great whether you’re buying property for business or for personal reasons. You are in a strategic location with all the amenities that you need which is why it’s a great personal investment. On the other hand, properties here have plenty of opportunities to grow in market value, especially properties catering to tourists.

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