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House and Lot for Sale in Mabalacat City

In the province of Pampanga is the city of Mabalacat, which is a part of the region of Central Luzon or Region III. There are around 293,244 that are residents of this city according to the 2020 Census. With that said, that means that this city is responsible for being the home of 12.03% of the province’s entire population. This city is named after the numerous balacat trees in the area. Now, the city is most known for being the home of the Clark Freeport Zone as well as the Clark International Airport.

Based on what the city is known for, you can tell this city is particularly commercially active, but parts of the city still have a natural setting on them. With that said, aside from both the commercial and natural areas, you can also find plenty of residential developments in this neighborhood. You can easily buy a house and lot for sale in Mabalacat City that will help you find the property that best suits your needs. When shopping around for a house in a particular area, it’s always best to look at the pre-selling houses there. The price of a house in this particular area that’s up for pre-selling is around PHP 1,200,000 to PHP 1,300,000 with an average floor area size of around 47.33 square meters (sqm.). If you’re buying a house to convert into a rental property or are looking to live in a house by yourself then a 1BR house is the simplest house that you can buy and it costs somewhere from a range of PHP 1,110,000 to PHP 2,732,790 with an average floor area size of 38.89 sqm. Another type of property that you might want to consider is a pre-owned house which is relatively more affordable than getting a new house. The price of a pre-owned house from here would range from PHP 650,000 to PHP 10,700,000. Speaking of savings, one of the best real estate investments that you can buy, especially if you’re buying for business purposes, would be the bank foreclosed houses. The price of this type of property costs somewhere from PHP 2,900,000 to PHP 7,180,000 with an average floor area size of about 265.47 sqm. Another good size for a house would be a 2BR house. The price of such a property would range from PHP 600,000 to PHP 8,000,000 with an average floor area size of 40.88 sqm. A 3BR house would be a better house to go for if you’re interested in buying a house for building or starting a family. With that said, this type of house costs somewhere from PHP 2,800,000 to PHP 28,000,000 with an average floor area size of 149.54 sqm. These houses come with a parking garage and an outdoor area that you can turn into a garden.

There are so many different property types that you can buy from this city so you have a wide roster of properties that are available from this city. With that said, once you find a house that you want to buy, Carousell’s chat feature is available so that you can directly talk and negotiate with the property owner about payment methods. Some examples of the payment methods that you should expect when paying off a house from this city would be bank financing as well as a cash payment and Pag-IBIG financing.

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The average selling price of a house in this city would cost somewhere around PHP 32,100 per square meter.

You can do a lot of different things from a foreclosed home as a business investment. Since it’s affordable, you can buy it and invest in flipping it so that you can sell it off at a much higher price. You can also simply just hold it for a long time as the home’s market value increases over time. Its affordability is what makes it a more flexible business investment, which is why you should invest in this type of home when you’re buying it for business reasons.

This city is filled with all sorts of commercialized establishments, but it’s also filled with many tourist attractions in this area. Some of the tourist attractions in this city would be resorts, amusement parks, zoos, theaters, and parks. Given the proximity to these types of establishments, a house from this city is going to be a great investment regardless of the reason why you’re buying real estate.

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