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Find affordable condo for sale in Lapu-lapu city @Carousell. Presenting RFO,1BR studio type units, Preselling condo at cheap price! Low downpayments!

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Apartment and Condos for Sale in Lapu-Lapu City

Lapu-Lapu is a city located in the province of Cebu and is a part of the Central Visayas (Region VII) region. This city is home to 497,604 people overall according to the 2020 Census. Based on that number of residents, this city accounts for 6.16% of the total population of the entire region. Formerly named Opon, this city is now a commercial city and is home to many industrial and commercial firms. Aside from that, it also has the Mactan International Airport to serve as its primary air transportation in the city and even for other cities nearby.

Aside from being a fast-growing commercial city in the Central Visayas region, this city is also open to a number of residential choices that people can peruse. If you’re looking to invest in real estate as a profitable venture, there are plenty to choose from. On the other hand, you can also buy a home here for personal reasons. With that said, you can start your real estate journey in this city by buying an apartment and condos for sale in Lapu-Lapu City. A great start would be by purchasing the pre-selling units available in this city. The price of such a unit from this neighborhood ranges from PHP 2,279,160 to PHP 22,080,009 with the floor area sizes ranging from 21 to 67 square meters (sqm.). One of the most common types of units available for purchase in this city would be a studio unit with prices ranging from PHP 947,000 to PHP 55,000,000 and an average floor area size of about 29.99 sqm. Another common unit type that’s a bit similar to that of a studio unit would be a 1BR unit. The price for a 1BR unit from this city would range from PHP 1,315,000 to PHP 25,816,854 with an average floor area size of about 58.62 sqm. Although these two types of units are sufficient in giving an individual everything that they may need, some people might want a more spacious house. If that’s the case, then one should upgrade immediately to the 2BR units available for purchase instead of getting a studio or 1BR unit. The price of such a unit would range from PHP 1,315,000 to PHP 83,045,000 with an average floor area of 88.20 sqm. Everyone who’s buying real estate in any form would know how expensive it can be, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no way for you to find some sort of discount. One way you can reduce the price of a unit would be by buying a pre-owned unit. The price of a pre-owned unit in this city costs somewhere from PHP 3,700,000 to PHP 6,500,000 with an average floor area size of around 49.33 sqm. These units come with amenities like access to the development’s gym facilities, pools, outdoor area, and jogging path, but you will get it for a lower selling price.

Interested in buying a unit from this city? Then, make sure that you and the property seller are on the same page when it comes to the payment methods used to pay off the asking price of the unit that you’re buying. Some of the common payment schemes that many of the sellers would approve of from this neighborhood are bank financing and Pag-IBIG financing. You can use Carousell’s chat feature to talk directly with the property’s owners to further discuss and clarify the payment methods there.

Frequently asked questions

This city is a fast-growing, industrialized city, which means that you will have everything you need and more easily available from within the city. Aside from that, that also means that this city is going to continue to grow in value over time, so if you invest in a property from this area, you’re sure to be able to turn a profit over time as the market value of your units increase. As a personal residence, this area is still relatively peaceful and would fulfill all of your needs so you can live there for as long as possible.

The average cost of a unit from this city would be around PHP 107,000 per square meter.

Although a pre-owned unit means that someone’s lived in the unit before you bought it, that doesn’t mean it’s of lower quality. You still get units similar to the ones in the same building but there’s a higher likelihood of you getting the property for a lower price and there’s also a bigger likelihood of you being able to get some furnishings left behind.

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