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Apartment and Condos for Sale in Cebu City

Cebu is a city located in the province of a similar namesake, Cebu, and is a part of the Central Visayas region or Region VII. This city is home to 964,169 people overall according to the 2020 Census. Based on that number of residents, this city accounts for 11.93% of the total population of the entire region. This city is most notable for being the oldest city in the country and is a hub of trade, commerce, tourism, and more in the entire country. Thus, making it filled with many commercial and leisure establishments.

Aside from being a juggernaut of leisure, tourism, and other industries within the country, there are also a number of property developments and private real estate companies that have invested in this city. Therefore, there are so many options for real estate choices available for purchase in this city if you want to buy one from this place as well. A type of real estate that is predominant in this unit would be an apartment and condos for sale in Cebu City. If you want to buy from this city, you should consider starting your real estate purchases out by looking at the pre-selling options available in this area. The price of a pre-selling unit in this city would be around PHP 1,200,000 to PHP 8,839,400 with an average floor area size of about 29.48 square meters. If you’re looking to buy a property for a cheaper price as well, another option that you should be open to would be the pre-owned units available in this area. The price of such a unit would be ranging from PHP 1,600,000 to PHP 18,000,000 with an average floor area size of about 41.88 sqm. If you’re buying a unit because you want to turn it into some form of a profitable venture, there are bank foreclosed units available that you can buy which would range from PHP 2,010,000 to PHP 13,500,000 with an average floor area of about 48.73 sqm. Speaking of affordability, if you’re looking for a pre-constructed and affordable unit to start buying from this area, then you should purchase a studio unit. The price of a studio unit from this city would range from PHP 1,600,000 to PHP 25,000,000. Something similar to a studio unit that’s around the same price but is much more spacious and offers more privacy would be a 1BR unit. The price of a 1BR unit, on the other hand, is around PHP 1,000,000 to PHP 41,805,437. These units would have the same amenities that you can find from any other unit in the development. For example, you can get a parking garage, access to the gym facilities, as well as a swimming pool.

When you’re buying a property from the developer, make sure that you have clarified what their preferred payment method is. The most common payment arrangements that sellers from this city would usually prefer would be Pag-IBIG financing as well as bank financing and in other cases, cash payment. You should use Carousell’s chat feature to know which their preferred payment methods are.

Frequently asked questions

As mentioned before, Cebu is a well-rounded city that is a juggernaut of multiple industries in comparison to many of the other cities from this region or even the entire country. Therefore, any purchase of real estate within this city is a worthwhile investment because it has a high chance of appreciating in value over time making it a profitable investment. As a long-term residence, you will have everything you need and more when you make your home here, so it’s a good idea to plant your roots here if you want to.

The average price of a unit for sale from this city would be around PHP 145,000 per square meter of the unit.

A bank foreclosed unit means that the unit belongs to the inventory of a bank after the previous owner failed to pay off a mortgage or loan and the unit served as collateral to pay things off.

A pre-owned house is a great investment because of the fact that it’s quite affordable. Since the unit might have experienced some wear and tear, some sellers would sell their unit off for a lower selling price. However, you still get access to the same amenities and features that other units in the same development have, regardless of whether your unit is new or not.

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