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House and Lot for Sale in Cuayan, Angeles City

Barangay Cuayan, located in Angeles City from the province of Pampanga in the Central Luzon region is one of the 33 barangays of the city. It is home to 15,046 people or about 3.25% of the city’s population. This barangay has plenty of residential areas, so many of the amenities in the area cater to the needs of those staying long-term here. For example, there are schools, gyms, and even restaurants and cafes.

Despite this barangay being a mostly residential area, most of the parts of the barangay are actually covered in greenery and forests. If you go beyond the boundaries of this barangay deep into the forests to the West, you’ll eventually reach waterfalls along the Pasig-Potrero River. As the river continues to flow, it will eventually reach the famous Mt. Pinatubo. Given its balance between convenience and still being in proximity to nature, there are plenty of houses and lots for sale in Barangay Cuayan, Angeles City, that many buyers would find interesting. If you want a discount to get an affordable house, go for pre-selling homes that have a price range of PHP 1,500,000 to PHP 7,600,000. Another way you can find discounts or get a lower asking price for a property is by looking for bank foreclosed properties, which are available in this barangay for a starting price of PHP 4,900,000 for a studio home. Many of the properties for sale in this area have dedicated parking spaces and are located in strategic places. If you want a 2BR home in this locality, expect to pay somewhere between PHP 1,500,000 to PHP 7,600,000. Want a larger home? Then a 3BR home is for you, which will have a price range of PHP 6,056,400 to PHP 24,000,000. Even larger 4BR homes would have a price range of somewhere between PHP 6,854,000 to PHP 22,500,000. If you’re interested in growing a large family then a 5BR or more home in the area would have a price range around PHP 12,800,005 to PHP 31,000,000. Many of these homes come in different sizes and designs as well, so there’s plenty to choose from based on how you want your property to look. For a bungalow-style house and lot for sale in Cuayan, Angeles City, the price ranges from PHP 7,000,000 to PHP 18,000,000. Many of the homes here, especially those with larger capacities also include a private pool for the residents of the home to enjoy. In fact, there are plenty of spacious homes in Cuayan with the average range of floor area in the barangay for a house is 213 sqm. Thus, homes here are a worthwhile investment.

With a variety of sizes and styles of homes available in this barangay along with the amenities and attractions that come with them, property here is surely an attractive concept. Of course, just as there are a variety of properties available here, there are also different types of payment methods available for interested buyers. Cash payment, monthly installments, and bank financing are some of the more popular options. Clarify with the property seller/owner what the preferred payment method is for their property listing through the Carousell chat option to know more.

Frequently asked questions

This barangay gives its residents access to both the natural environment in the western area as well as a convenient and accommodating location for a home in the easter part. This balance between the two can capture the attention of quite a lot of people looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life or for those who want to cater their business to these types of people. Thus, whatever way you go with it, this barangay serves as a great location for any real estate purchases.

There are only three barangays from Angeles that share a boundary with this barangay: Amsic, Anunas, and Pampang.

The average price that you should expect for a property in this area would be PHP 13,013,004 with a majority of the houses being 3BR and above. The average price for a home with 2BR and below would then be PHP 4,092,000.

A bank foreclosed property is a piece of real estate that the previous owners failed to pay off the mortgage or the loans and so the bank has reclaimed it as part of their inventory.

The biggest advantage of a foreclosed property would be that it’s at a lower market price than other properties that are the same type. Aside from that, you have more negotiating power the longer the property has been in inventory.

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