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Apartment and Condos for Sale in Pacdal, Baguio City

Pacdal is a barangay situated in Baguio City, in the province of Benguet. This barangay is home to 7,012 people that accounts for 1.91% of the total population of the city. This neighborhood has many residential and commercial establishments in the area. However, a majority of the land area in this barangay is occupied by greenery and a forest. You can even find a nearby bamboo eco-park in this barangay that many tourists from all over have visited.

Aside from the many nature scenes located in this barangay, you can also purchase real estate here for either business or residential purposes. Given that this city is a major tourist destination, that makes it a profitable place to invest in real estate. Also, it’s still a fairly growing barangay, so you can have everything that you need if you decide to buy property here as a long-term residence. With that said, you can buy an apartment and condos for sale in Pacdal, Baguio City starting with a studio unit for a price ranging from PHP 3,202,156 to PHP 12,900,000 with an average floor area of 26.49 square meters (sqm.). If you want a separate room for your bed, then you need a 1BR instead of a studio unit which is also available in this neighborhood for a price range of PHP 2,109,300 to PHP 10,600,000 for an average floor area of 30.16 sqm. Many of these homes are ready for occupancy, which is quite convenient for the people who are interested in moving in as soon as possible. Aside from that, you can access many of the amenities of the condominium such as the gym, a pool, outdoor space, and many more. There are all sorts of types of properties in the neighborhood and one such type of property that might interest you would be pre-selling condos. A pre-selling condo in this neighborhood for a price range of PHP 8,280,080 to PHP 12,995,702 for units with one to two bedrooms. What’s great about a property for pre-selling units is that it’s more affordable if you purchase them while they’re still in the pre-selling stage than when the unit has finished construction. Therefore, you can get a few savings by purchasing this unit. If you want a bit of an upgrade, you can also get a 2BR unit in the neighborhood for a price range of PHP 1,060,000 to PHP 12,995,702. Many of these units come with a balcony, which is great for admiring your surroundings, especially in this neighborhood where there are verdant trees all around you to serve as a feast for the eyes. You also enjoy proximity to many of the colleges and schools in the area and even hospitals, shops, cafes, and restaurants.

Given the many different types of properties available for purchase in this neighborhood, you can find a property that will fit all of your needs. Once you find such a property, you should look into the payment method needed from you. Ask the seller directly using Carousell’s chat feature to find out what payment methods are open for the property listing that you’re interested in. Some common payment methods here would be cash payment, bank financing, and in-house financing.

Frequently asked questions

Pacdal is a fairly commercially-active neighborhood in Baguio. There are a number of commercial establishments nearby, such as restaurants, cafes, vacation homes, and even schools and churches. Aside from that, there is a popular tourist attraction in this barangay. For these reasons, it is a convenient location for a rental property for tourists and for people looking to find a new home to live in for a long-term residence.

The barangays that share a border with this neighborhood and also belong to Baguio City are the following: Ambiong, Bayan Park East, Brookspoint, Gibraltar, Saint Joseph Village, and South Drive.

A ready for occupancy unit or RFO for short is a unit that has everything set up so that any interested buyer who has finished negotiations can move in as soon as possible. They can start setting up utilities and start using the amenities of the condominium. It’s convenient for those who are eager to start a new home there.

The average cost of a property in this neighborhood is around PHP 5,600,213 for an average floor area of 35.84 sqm.

A pre-selling unit is when the unit itself is not completed yet and is still undergoing construction, but is already open for buyers. This arrangement allows the buyer to purchase the property for a lower price while the developer gets a guaranteed buyer and they can use the payment to offset the construction costs.

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